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Surveyor II

Are you a World Language Teacher using Stepping Stones?

I would love to hear from you! I would like to get a group collaboration going with the goal of setting up Tina Hargaden's Stepping Stones curriculum structure  in Canvas. It could be as simple as embedding the Padlet into a Module; but since my district is moving to Canvas and the students will be using it in all of their classes, I would like to see how I can leverage the features in Canvas to move smoothly through the Cycles and Phases---- virtually, face-to-face, or hybrid.  If you are in a similar situation, and need or can offer help, please speak up! 

I teach high school German, Levels 1-4 in SC (30 years!), but of course all languages/levels are relevant. Any amount of experience with CI, Stepping Stones and Canvas is welcome! A good goal, I think, would be to get a generic (not language-specific) Stepping Stones shell into the Commons. It would be wondrous, of course, if we ultimately had Master Courses for each language in the Commons, loaded with content for each language! (I can dream, can't I?)

So if you would like to be involved, please introduce yourself! Let us know the languages, levels, and grades you teach, where and how long. I have some experience with CI and Stepping Stones (a few years of teaching mostly Description and Narration, using the the daily framework and many of the strategies, plus a Summer Institute in June), but much less with  Canvas (a two-day training in June, that's it). How about you?

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Surveyor II

Bonjour! I teach French I and II at private Catholic High school in Louisiana. I have been using CI formally for a year and a half. I have been using Canvas for I think five years now. I can probably help more on the Canvas side since I haven't delved too much into Stepping Stones yet. I've been using ANATTY with level 1 and a hodge  podge of things with  level 2 but I want to transition level 2 to Stepping Stones. 


I'm in to collaborate! 

I like the Padlets that have been coming out but my school system doesn't allow Padlet for student use, so I was wondering how to make it work with Canvas. 

I teach high school French 1 - 7, including AP(5), and I have experience with ANATTY, a bit with Stepping Stones, and Nous Sommes. 

Looking forward to what we learn in this process! 

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I also teach French at a small school in Virginia.  I am new to CI and was super excited for the upcoming school year to get started with everything.  I was planning to use Nous Sommes, as our Spanish dept uses Somos, but as our students will be mostly online-only this year, I'm thinking the Padlets from Tina are a better option.  We do have to use Canvas for everything.  Our students will be coming once/week and be in a room all day with a mentor/facilitator teacher who is most likely not me.  So everything has to be accessible through Canvas.  I'm interested in figuring out/learning how to either convert the SS Padlets Tina has created to Canvas or maybe just linking them like you said Stephanie.  Another complication is that a good portion of our students do not have reliable internet access, so everything we do will also need to take that into consideration. (I'm hoping our district will provide more guidance on HOW to do that.)

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Hello,  I teach Spanish 1 and 3 in CA and we are also transitioning to Canvas and we will be doing Online Distance Learning to start in August.  In the past, I have used SOMOS and parts of Tina's ANATTY. 

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Hi!  I have been teaching Spanish for 25 years!  I generally have only Spanish 1 and 2 as I am in a small rural high school in East Tennessee. I am the only language teacher in the building. I have been using the CI/TPRS method for 17 years now.  My school does not force me to use textbooks so I use things I have accumulated over the years from CI folks like Blaine Ray, Carol Gaab, Scott Benedict, Martina Bex, and use a lot of Senor Wooly!  Actually, I have not heard of Stepping Stones yet.  My district is going to Canvas this year and I am currently completing online training.  Ran across this thread and would love to be a part of a group sharing ideas and uses!

Nice to meet all of you!

Dr. Amy Banner


Hola todos! 

I am excited to be collaborating with you all!

I'm new to Canvas, so I'm still getting a picture of what we can do here. I've taken a couple of half-day trainings this summer to get started. I'm teaching Spanish 1 & 2 at a large high school in southern New Mexico. I met Tina and Kaitlin at the ACTFL conference in DC in November. I started Stepping Stones in January... then didn't get too much further than mid-opinion cycle when we left in March. I'll be in Full Steam Ahead mode come August, though we just got news yesterday that we are moving from once-a-week block with online homework TO all online to start the year. It's going to be a wild ride!

Thanks for sharing things when we get going!  Thanks Stephanie for getting us started!

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I'm teaching German 1,2,3,4/AP at a High school in Ventura, CA. I 'm kind of new to CI - I only implemented a few strategies last year. I signed up to attend the Summer institute next week. I am glad those sessions will be recorded as I'll be on a road trip with my family. I'm new to Canvas and have been playing with it a bit for the last few weeks. There is so much to it and I think it will be great once I get a hang of it. I am excited about Tina's curriculum and can't wait for the German one to be released. I would love to collaborate. 



Hi all,

I'm from Northern Colorado and I teach French 1, 2, 3, 4 and Spanish 2 at the high school level. My school has been using Canvas for like 5 years. I feel like I am really good with it and in going through our staff PD class which is housed in Canvas I all of a sudden have a new vision for how I could set things up. I will see how it goes and share when I have something to share.

I connected with Tina in 2018 and used ANATTY that year, then Stepping Stones this past year. I am not an expert, and I mixed other things in when I got overwhelmed, but I am slowly getting better at teaching with this curriculum. 

Looking forward to sharing ideas with you all as we start this crazy, overwhelming year!

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Hola. I am the Academic Coordinator of World Languages for my district and will be helping my 40 World Language teachers get started teaching virtually with Canvas. I have taught Spanish and ESL, and I also speak a bit of French, Japanese, and Mandarin Chinese. Most of my teachers aren’t very familiar with CI, but I have a few who are interested in using Stepping Stones and I would love to be able to help as much as I can! I attended Tina’s Summer Institute last summer in Georgia and this summer online.