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Assessment and the little people - Part Two

Community Coach
Community Coach
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I've been pondering the many ways we could use assessment within Canvas.So many people ask for ideas. So I thought I'd get you guys to help me. 

PLEASE feel free to add ideas. 

Assessment ideas within Canvas in Primary Schools


  • Record students reading as an assignment. Use it for running record, or just record of progress.
  • Book reviews via assignment, or padlet
  • Video clips of books being read – great examples of prosody in action. Challenge to emulate using Explain everything, green screen, iMovie
  • Drama re-enactments recorded within a discussion



  • Create a recording of themselves reading their own writing – with expression. Peer reviews perhaps
  • Students submit writing plans/ brainstorms as assignments, discussions or on a padlet
  • Students submit proof read/edited drafts before publishing via assignments, discussions or padlet
  • Students peer review each other’s work via discussions, assignments or padlet
  • Student submit published work either by photo of handwritten work, or word document
  • Quizzes to dig deeper into understanding, well set up to support when answers are correct in incorrect.


Oral Language

  • Students record and submit tongue twisters or memorised poems
  • Students record themselves having a group discussion about a set topic. Assess


  • Spelling tests for absent students, or multi-grade classes, or for students who need to hear the word more than once
  • Students produce a spelling trick – optional way to present eg. Video, record voice, written



  • Students submit recording of themselves explaining solving a maths problem
  • Office 365 Collaborative problem solving – group assessment submission
  • Reflections – as discussions
  • Maths Games played at home – parents involved in activities/challenges. Opportunities to report, discuss, prove.
  • Submitting photo of maths book work via assignment submission or padlet
  • Real life connection opportunities to show evidence of transfer of learning eg. Padlets, discussions, assignment submissions




  • Evidence of ownership. Student voice, choices and plans made. Through assignment submission – voice recording, written, drawn, external tools, discussions.
  • Opportunities provided for learners to identify and explore their own interests, beliefs and questions – discussions, blogs,
  • Reflection areas available throughout learning processes –
  • Authentic and ongoing contexts for learning made available within the LMS to encourage inquiry
  • Opportunities to display evidence of collaborative skills eg. Collaborations in Canvas, peer reviews, discussions, videos of presentations
  • Feedback! Assessment tools in Canvas provide opportunities for excellent feedback loops with the teacher and student, padlets also, and with peers,
  • Students fill in their own rubrics as self-evaluation based on task/participation, shared responsibility, listening, questioning, discussing, research and information sharing, problem solving
  • Students submit video of project presentations
  • Research evidence submitted via assignments, padlets
  • Demonstration video
  • Class discussion set up as assignments on different topics, or parts of inquiry cycle
  • Students self-assess as the inquiry progresses via assignment submissions, Microsoft forms, discussion, collaborations
  • Mastery Paths – choose your own adventure
  • Students create topic based blogs using Canvas pages, or discussions

Capturing ‘The Moment’

  • Having a ‘just because’ space for teachers and students to initiate discussion, challenges, laughter, moments to share with families
  • Embedded brainstorm tools to capture individual, group or whole class prior learning and understanding eg. Discussions, answer garden, padlet
  • Opportunities to make connections

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I enjoyed collecting other assessment ideas here also  

Community Coach
Community Coach

 @stacy_lambert ‌ I'm sure you have some ideas to add! Especially after I read your cool blog 

Learner II

I have not done this before but the idea I have swirling about at the moment is to record/video students demonstrating their work as a work sample e.g. an A sample, B sample, C Sample (not going any further as that could be totally demoralising...) to add into assessments to show what each 'level' looks like. Then have them read a generic feedback they design for A-C levels so that recording can be attached to the feedback in Speedgrader for all of the related tasks. If they get a recording from me - it might mean a D-E with some 'missions' to complete. Then there is a generic grade feedback that has been designed by the kids for the kids that kids understand (there is the student voice component) that can be added to specific feedback as well. Anyway - that's what is going on in my head right now. Getting it going is another thing altogether.

And emojis too - - however just throwing those in here - haven't even started with these yet. Someone will come up with something for this...   

I love this list you have designed  @Bobby2 - very thorough and could be used at any level K-12. It's awesome!

 @david_summervi1 ‌ have a look at this list. Fantastic!

Community Member

Thanks for the great ideas Bobby! As you know, I am a Canvas newbie, but just wondering, are there ways of getting little people to create a photo collage on an app such as Pic-collage and then embedding into Canvas with assistance as a gallery of ideas? A Walk and Wonder strategy on Canvas? 

For the languages classroom, I can see so much potential. My little people have enjoyed having a gallery of songs in the target language to select and sing within Canvas. I think there is also some potential to write stories with something like Sway. I've also had 'guess who' in a previous LMS, with clues written in the target language and learners submit what they think the answer is.... another thing for me to investigate in Canvas Smiley Happy 

Community Coach
Community Coach

Love your thinking  @anita_wood !

Walk and Wonder - Love it!

Possibilities that spring to mind could be through a collaborative powerpoint. 

Or even easier through a padlet. It depends on how familiar the kids are with their devices and navigating themselves around their own device as well as Canvas or other embedded tools. BUT the kids seem to pick these things up fairly quickly I've noticed. 

Your Sway example is FAB! I love a sway. 

Guess who? - let's talk!

Community Member

Another idea for me to explore is student reflection more, particularly to draw out intercultural understanding. I recently attended a fabulous session with the Asian Education Foundation here in Australia on their BRIDGE project. A huge thing I took away from this session was getting learners to focus more on cultural similarities rather than differences. If learners could access Canvas at home, is it possible for them to work with a parent to complete a challenge like "What Japanese influences can you find in your kitchen?'  Can the teacher then pre-approve content???? Ideas... ideas... I just need more time to play Smiley Happy