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As CTE instructors we are expected to do everything using technology - it is a Career and TECHNICAL education class.  The problem is that students either get overwhelmed by to much technology or they just don't enjoy using technology.  In my 8th grade Exploring Careers and Employment class, I give my students the option of using the documents I provide in Canvas or to do it the old fashion way with paper and pencil.  Even though they may do their assignment using paper and pencil, they must still find a way to submit their assignment for grading in Canvas.  

Some of the students will write out their thoughts first on paper and pencil and then physically enter the information in the electronic document to submit.  Other students will utilize their mobile device to take a picture and then submit the document, while others will utilize the camera option on the laptop.  Still others will take their assignment home and scan the document to submit.  

Students like having the option of submitting their assignments in multiple ways and ways that suit them.  Canvas provides them with this options and still provides me, as the teacher, the ability to grade their submissions whether it be an electronic documents, picture or pdf scan.  I don't want them to feel completely overwhelmed when they come into my class and with all the options within canvas to submit assignments, students feel much more comfortable using it.