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Canva Newsletter Integration

Hello all! I am a new member, but have been stalking the Canvas discussion board for a while searching for answers. I am a first grade teacher, fairly knowledgeable with Canvas but trying to find easier ways to do a few things. One being how to embed the live HTML code from my Canva newsletter into Canvas. Is there a fairly decent converter that could give me a more compatible code? I'm assuming the Java script is the hinderance. 

This is the code: 

style="padding:141.4286% 5px 5px 5px;background:rgba(0,0,0,0.03);border-radius:8px;"
<script async src="https:&#x2F;&#x2F;;v1&#x2F;embed.js"></script>
<a href="https:&#x2F;&#x2F;;design&#x2F;DADmA8fzkSY&#x2F;view?utm_content=DADmA8fzkSY&amp;utm_campaign=designshare&amp;utm_medium=embeds&amp;utm_source=link" target="_blank" rel="noopener">9.20.19</a> by <a href="https:&#x2F;&#x2F;;dana.cook7?utm_campaign=designshare&amp;utm_medium=embeds&amp;utm_source=link" target="_blank" rel="noopener">Dana</a>

If it's not, no biggie. I was able to load the PDF and enable the preview within my page. Just wanted the ease of a live update when I update my newsletter.

Other question, which I am fairly certain I know the answer to- image gallery functionality. My workaround thus far is a Google Slide presentation. Which isn't terrible, because we can take photos within the Google Slides app that updates the uploaded photo album directly in Canvas. However, just curious if there have been any recent updates or discussions about an image gallery and/or image carousel..... 

Thanks all! Your conversations have been immensely helpful thus far! 

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