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Canvas and Newsela

Has anyone had any experience/issues with the Canvas/Newsela integration? We have recently purchased Newsela Pro. We have found the integration problematic. There are two issues which are problematic:

  1. All courses sync to Newsela which means that even unpublished and past enrollment courses are syncing. This means teachers have courses showing from the 15-16 school year in their list of classes in Newsela. There is not a way to delete them in Newsela. 
  2. All courses default to 7th grade. Newsela said that I should set the grade level in Canvas, but to my knowledge there is not a way to do that. Teachers can change the grade-level in Newsela, but as soon as they log-out and then log back in through Canvas, the change is overridden. 

Newsela says they have engineers looking into the issues, but I wondered if anyone else has tried the integration and found any solutions. 

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Hello Christopher,

We are in the early stages of integrating Newsela with Canvas. I would love to ask questions about what you have learned in your first year. Did you have any problems with teachers who had been assigned student roles in training courses? Also, why did you choose not use Clever?


Community Coach
Community Coach


I love that this thread still sees new contributions, even though it's year old! However, I feel that this is a better discussion than a question that has a single “correct” answer. Because another Community member has clicked the “I also have this question!” button, I am unfortunately unable to convert it to a discussion for an ongoing conversation.

Because it is my goal to clean up the K-12 space before the end of 2018 so only the only open questions are those that are still relevant! With that goal in mind, I am going to mark this question as “Assumed Answered” so it is removed from the list. The status will not prevent Community members from contributing and continuing this conversation! Smiley Happy

Community Onward,