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  I am 3rd grade teacher. My students use Canvas classes in daily practice. Canvas helps me create differentiated assignments and support students with special needs. Kids love it. I believe that other teachers will use Canvas to engage and support their students!

For example, I use 3tabs page for reading comprehension/skill groups. Each student (depending on their reding level, or the skill that needs to be developed) has the group/tab/ they are assigned. After their done with their assignment, students may go on different page.

It looks like this:

Main page with 3 tabs:

Tabbed page

Each Tab has different assignments/videos for students .

Here is a Tab 3 view:

Tabbed page 3

Also, here is the link to the video from my classroom. Send me your feedback! UEN PDTV: Canvas in Elementary Schools - YouTube  

Community Team
Community Team

Thanks for sharing this! We’ve moved it to the K-12‌ group blog. 

Community Coach
Community Coach

Great share

Always cool to see what other people get up to with their classes in Canvas. 


Thank you for sharing! Always great to see ways Canvas is being used in elementary school! We have been using EdPuzzle and I am so excited about the Canvas - EdPuzzle integration!