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Duplicate Quiz Option

Why hasn't Canvas provided the ability to duplicate a quiz? This would make it far easier for teachers to create a modified version of the quiz for students with IEPs.

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Community Coach
Community Coach

Hi Mark - Right now, is on the Product Radar (‌). I am hopeful that this feature will come to Canvas too, especially after‌ was so successful with Assignments and Pages. Please add your comments to either Feature Idea! Your use-cases are valuable to the process.

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Mark, it isn't as easy as a "duplicate" button, but here is a work around:

1. Go to the course in Canvas that has the quiz you want to copy.

2. Visit "Settings."

3. Select "Export course content," and select "Quiz" and the quiz you want to copy.

4. Download the export when ready.

5. Go to "Settings" again, then "Import content into this course."

6. Select "QTI .zip file" as the content type.

7. Choose the file you just exported and downloaded (it should be in your Downloads folder), and click "Import." DO NOT check the box that says "Overwrite assessment content with matching IDs."

8. When you go to "Quizzes," it should now be listed twice. Change the name of the duplicate so it is easier to distinguish between the two.

Hope this helps!

 @jenna_townsend  Thank You for your response. A problem with this is when the quiz uses linked Question Banks. The banks don't export with an individual quiz, but Canvas strips out the <sourcebank_ref> tag from the XML of the exported quiz, and the reimported quiz has an empty group inside. And Canvas doesn't allow us to edit a group to link to a Question Bank. Manually inserting the <sourcebank_ref> into the exported quiz file before re-importing does not change this behavior. Argh! Hopefully the‌ and‌ folks are aware of this and will fix this.  @klundstrum ‌'s comment on the success of duplicating other items deserves high praise and the attention of the developers at Instrcture.

 @GregoryBeyrer ‌ Actually, I was able to successfully duplicate a quiz and then re-link the question bank to the question group--it's just not very intuitive. Here is what I did:

  1. Follow steps 1-8 in my post above for copying the quiz.
  2. Open the duplicate quiz and go to edit your questions. As you mentioned, any question group will say there are no questions in it, and it appears that you cannot attach a question bank to it (see my "Duplicate Test Group" example below)--but you can!

269670_Screen Shot 2018-03-05 at 1.51.25 PM.png

  1. Click on "Find Questions."
  2. Select the proper question bank for the group (it doesn't matter whether you imported the question bank with the quiz, because it already exists in your account since you made the original quiz).
  3. Choose the group from the dropdown menu (see below) and save.

269671_Screen Shot 2018-03-05 at 1.51.48 PM.png

It is still irritating that we have to re-link question banks to question groups in a duplicated quiz, but I guess that's the only option at this point. Let me know if I misunderstood the issue you mentioned!

Thank you for that workaround! I have been suggesting that people delete the group and create a new one.

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I use quizzes as checklist for students to indicate completed work. Each quiz has slight variations week-to-week.  If I could duplicate a quiz I could then edit for each week. This would be a major time saver.

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This issue was logged in 2018... I'm still needing to be able to duplicate a quiz... why isn't this fixed yet?