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Grades Incorrect in Canvas Mobile?

We are seeing incorrect grades in Canvas mobile on both the parent app and the student app.   I am posting this here because it would only effect K12 as we are the prime users of grading periods.   What we are seeing is that the parent app is showing the grade for "all grading periods" instead of the current grading period which is "Quarter 2".  On the student app, it is defaulting to "all grading periods" instead of the current grading period.  Students have the ability to change, but they shouldn't have to.  And the grade on the front card in mobile is inaccurate.  This has been going on for several days.  We've contacted support, CSM etc.   Just wondering if others are having the same experience?  Inaccurate grades are not a good thing.  

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My institution noticed this error last week and we reported it to Canvas. We tested the student app and the parent app and confirmed that the student app was displaying the correct current grading period calculated score. The parent app is showing the current calculated score (overall average for all grading periods). 

After not hearing back from Canvas I called again to request an ETA on fixing this problem. I was told that the engineers would not give an ETA but that after developing a fix then the app would go into beta for testing before official deployment. This all sounds great in principal but where was the testing before deploying this current build? If any care was put into testing the Parent app then this issue would have been noticed.

In my view, parents are looked at as an afterthought to Instructure without much care put into how they interact with the rest of the Canvas site.

Highlighted,  I'm sure you know this, but parents are absolutely critical to the success of Canvas and everything else in K12.  Engaged parents are advocates of Canvas with their own children and they help get teachers on board too.   If we lose the parents on a particular initiative, Canvas being one of them, then that can put the product itself in jeopardy.  As you said, parents cannot be an after thought.  They may not seem like a primary audience, but they absolutely are.    


Thanks for the feedback!

If you feel like you aren't getting the information you need from support, feel free to email me directly. Your CSM can also reach me.

We'll be reviewing how this bug escaped to try and improve our processes. In the meantime, the fix for both apps was published to the App Store earlier today. High priority fixes for mobile are usually published as soon as possible, without going through a "beta" period.

If you're interested in giving us additional feedback about what's working and not working in the parent app for your institution(s), please reach out, I'd be happy to hop on a call.


Good to know that the update has been released. We will test the app for correctness and notify out parents.

Highlighted Thank you to you and the incredible mobile team for getting a fix out in such a short amount of time. It'll be awesome to have this feature back and functioning as-designed! :smileygrin: 

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I just downloaded and tested the fixes on both apps and they work.  Thank you Peyton and Canvas for your responsiveness to fixing this bug.