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How do you use Canvas to get quarter grades?

We are a K-12 institution that operates on a standard 4 quarter school year.   This is our first year using Canvas.  We're having some difficulty figuring out how to get quarter grades which can be loaded into our SIS to generate report cards.  The grade export report will work for Q1 because that is the start of the school year, but that report will aggregate over the course of the year.  I need to be able to see just Q2 grades, e.g. Nov 1 to Dec 30, then Q3 Jan 1 to March 1 etc.  Canvas does not seem to have any report that exports grades and is date driven.  Their standard answer is to use "terms", but that doesn't really make any sense for a year long 5th grade math class.  if we set up a term for every quarter, then you'd have to re-enroll all students in the course, you'd lose the continuity of one canvas site for a year etc. 

My question to you K12 community - How are you solving this problem?  Please help.

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Our SIS is Education Edge by Blackbaud and there is an accompanying online gradebook/web application called Netclassroom.  Our teachers will bring that gradebook up side by side with the Canvas gradebook (two windows, not two tabs) and do a manual entry of the student end of term grade.  Netclassroom feeds our SIS directly.  As we are in a transition year, our staff are permitted to enter day to day grades in either, but at the end of the quarter there has to be a total in Netclassroom.  More and more are using Canvas for day to day now, as it fits better with our blended learning model and is efficient for them.  The rest will transition to this by the end of the year.  There is an admin import option for me to use for end of term grades in Education Edge, butttt can't get that from Canvas appropriately so waiting until then.


We are not using terms to solve this problem for exactly the reason you stated.  In a year long course, using terms of anything less than a years would cause the teacher to have 4 courses, they would have to re-do enrollments, move content, it would be confusing for students, parents, and teachers. We have 55k students and 130k parents so this is not an option. So grading periods seems like a good solution in that it can segregate grades and assignments into the proper grading periods, but Canvas has failed to add filters so that we can get grades out by grading period.  All of the embedded reports give you aggregate grades for the full year with all assignments and scores.  That is not helpful in a traditional K12 running on 4 quarters.  We need Canvas to solve this problem immediately as I like many on this thread are coming into second quarter and second quarter interims with no good solution on how to get grades out of the system to be put into our SIS.  I'm asking for others with similar experience to chime in and I'd like Canvas to step up and add filters to the reports.  That would solve the majority of this challenge.

The other related problem to grading periods is that the app, which is great, shows an aggregate grade.  So we have to tell students to ignore the grade.  That certainly is rubbing students and parents the wrong way.  What we need is a quarter filter on the app and on the Grades page in the browser version so that students can see their grade by grading period, not aggregate which doesn't mean anything to them.

I'm actually using JS and CSS to hide the grades when a student or parent (observer) clicks on the grades button as again these are aggregates, not quarter / grading period grades.

This is a need for our school, also.

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Wondering if I can get feedback on the MGP fix problem that our school is having, are you feeling similar or is there a better solution for this?


Hey Joe,

I wanted to add an update to this discussion. I recently spoke with our Gradebook team on this and their is currnetly a new feature in the works to solve this: 

Right now, when you export the GB, it automatically exports the current Grading Period. When this fix gets merged, you can select which grading period you want to export by selecting a GP in the Grading Period drop-down. Whichever GP is selected in the dropdown will be exported. This is currently in development and we hope to have released fairly soon.

-Clint Kelson