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How long does the invitation to join for students usually take?

My school has asked for a group of teachers to volunteer using Canvas this year with the hope of implementing it with all teachers next school year. I created my course, published it, and chose the start date. I then emailed my students an invitation to join this morning, but they haven't received an email. Any ideas on what else I could try ?

Thanks in advance. 


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Community Coach
Community Coach, you might want to check with your school IT person to see if the invitation emails got hung-up (marked as spam) in your school's spam filter. Also, if the students know how to log into Canvas, they could go ahead and log in and then accept the invitation to the course from the dashboard.

Thank you! They don't have a Canvas username and password yet, so I'll check with IT., checking back in to see if you were able to get the issue figured out and what the problem was?

Hi Kona, 

It might be something with the settings my school has set up. I talked to our IT person. I had a student log in with their username and password and he was able to see my request. So for now I'll have them just log in until we get the email issue taken care of. Thank you for following up. 🙂 

Thanks for responding and letting us know how you were able to work around the issue!