Incorporating Math Tools

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I have begun to learn new math tools to incorporate within the Canvas platform.  One useful tool I have found is when I want to add equations to a quiz, they often come out looking clunky and incoherent.  However, using the app Equatio has helped my formulas to look the same as the way they are presented in the classroom.  The tool has a handwriting app that allows almost any mathematical formula to embed in the question.

Another tool that has been helpful for me to use has been the feature on the quizzes where you can assign a variable in an equation that is different for each student. Under the "quizzes" tab, click on "questions."  From there, you can add a new question type as "Formula Question."  Once you set the parameters for the variable, it will create a new variable for each student.  This will limit student cheating and allow for true demonstration of mastery for your students.

Canvas is also a unique place to import other technology tools into the website.  You may create a blend space and allow students to access different materials of review or practice problem sets.  I also like the features that allow you to build mastery paths in your course.  Many of my students require remediation, and I have a difficult time pushing students who have mastered a concept while still addressing students in need of remediation.  This feature will allow your students to get an individualized path that would benefit their needs.