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Community Advocate
Community Advocate

Is anyone else having issues with Skyward (SIS syncing)?

We are experiencing 2 issues and we got resolutions through the support tickets, but it was more like a MacGuyver fix than a reason as to why it is happening and how to prevent it.

1. Unchecking the Student/Parent Access boxes so families cannot see posted grades even though they show up for the instructor. And then every subsequent assignment is the same since Skyward has default that say do whatever the last assignment did. We now change our defaults in Skyward, but will that completely fix it? 

2. Skyward deletes assignments. We had a few teachers recently get the Successful Sync message in Canvas, but then when they go to Skyward it is not showing up. We then have to go into our "Display settings" and "Restore deleted assignments" and there it is. 

Thanks in advance!

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