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K-12 Counselors and Canvas

Are there any counselors in K-12 using Canvas? I'd like to get some insight on how Canvas can be used in order to help in some coaching conversations I will be having soon. Any ideas, suggestions, screenshots etc. would be appreciated. 

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I'm a high school counselor who has just been piloting the canvas courses for our counseling department.  At the high school level, with all of the scholarships and open houses and leadership camps and other opportunities available, canvas works great for getting that information in front of the students faces via the calendar and announcements.  In our case, a lot of this information was already available on the school website, but a survey of our students found that most of them had no idea to access it.  This is an effort to meet the students where they are.


That sounds very similar to how our counselors are approaching their manually created courses. We also have some counselors who are creating guidance lessons. I do find that everyone, teachers, students and parents appreciate the organized one point of access that Canvas offers. 

Our Technology Design Team has also created a basic admin course for counselors so that they can understand the admin role as a counselor and gain access to viewing their sub account courses and enrollments. Once they complete the course, they are given the Campus Counselor Sub Account Role with permissions. We are still adjusting the permissions as we get a better feel for exactly what prek-12 counselors need to see in their sub accounts. I am still looking to expand the content in the course and make it more applicable for counselors as we learn what kind of role Canvas will play in our district and across the Canvas Community. We haven't reached nearly as many of our counselors as I'd like to. 

I realize this is YEARS later... but would you happen to have a link or an example of these courses for counselors?