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K-12 Quiz Integrity + IEPs

What kind of functionality do K-12 teachers have in terms of Learning Support in Quizzes and Quizzes.Next?


For example, if a teacher gives an assessment in class and then an IEP student needs to use their extended time, how does the instructor protect the integrity of that exam so that it is locked down until they are able to go into the test center and then it can reopen?


Any K-12 schools have good work around options to protect integrity yet allow students with IEPs to have their extended time without it just being open for them to work on with out a proctor? 

Thanks in advance!


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Learner II

HI @jayoder ‌, have you looked at lockdown browsers? I think it is an LTI - costs, but maybe there is a free trial. It's called Respondus or something like that??? Sorry - bit of a vague answer. Otherwise, we just create our quiz/ assignment and schedule the task individually when editing and assigning the task. Maybe the access code as well? That's a bit of a vague answer too - sorry. I think I need coffee!

I've heard people mentioning Respondus, I think our budget won't allow for any add-on items just yet. I think we will just have to be vigilant about viewing the log to make sure they were only working on it when they were being supervised. I have been encouraging the teachers to just use Quizzes as bell-ringers or exit tickets so as to not run into these types of problems, but it would be nice to find ways that would encourage them to use Quizzes more without spending a ton of extra money.  Thanks for your comment!

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I have the students close out of the quiz, but not submit it.  Then, when that testing session is over, my co-teacher or I change the access code.  This way, the students cannot work on the quiz without entering the new access code.  You must make sure they close out of the quiz or they will be able to continue working without entering the new access code.  I hope this helps!

Community Advocate
Community Advocate

I love this! Thanks! Anyone else have a cool work around?


Hi Jonathan,

At our school we suspend the test, and then the students who still need additional  time open the test back up and take the rest of the exam in a separate room with the SpEd teacher.  This works really well for us.

 @copping_janet  When you say "suspend" the test, what does that look like? What steps does that involve?


HI Jonathan,

Formal assessments like PEAK and MAPS have a link for

suspending a test. When it is a test in a class at our school,

we close their computers and give them a lunch break,

and resume the test after lunch. Not fancy, but it works!

I think part of the success is that the teachers and sped

teacher work together to make this happen. We all work

at being flexible to accommodate the students and their


Janet Copping

Eagle Academy