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Locking down a quiz to require Safe Exam Browser to be used

I had a teacher request that tests in her class not be available in Canvas unless students were using Safe Exam Browser.   SEB is a free open source lock down browser similar to Respondus, but free!

So I slapped together a quick little snippet of javascript to make it happen.    There isn't much to it, and it could be bypassed,  but for quick and easy it works.  If someone wants to expand upon it please feel free.


Place the following code into your custom javascript file in canvas:

if (document.getElementById('quiz-instructions').innerHTML.indexOf("[SEB]") != -1)


  if ( navigator.userAgent.indexOf('SEB') == -1)


  document.getElementById('submit_quiz_form').style.display = "none";

  alert('You must use the Safe Exam Browser to take this quiz');



In your quiz instructions place the following:  [SEB]

Putting [SEB] into quiz instructions will trigger the script and flash up an alert that the test must be taken in SEB, the quiz itself won't show until in SEB. 

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Hey  @bbelew ​, this is an excellent resource! Thanks so much for sharing it! You posted it as a question in the K-12​ community space which is generally used for asking questions with a "correct" answer. I don't think that's necessarily what you meant to do so I have converted this question into a document which is a great way to share knowledge with specific groups in the community.

Unfortunately this tagged me as the author on the document so I feel a bit bad about that. If you see the option to "Convert to Document" in the upper right hand portion of this page (see screenshot below) please feel free to use that and let me know so I can remove mine. For the meantime I have just indicated in the new document that you are the true author.

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No problem.  I just clicked "start a discussion", didn't intend it to be in a question format.   I converted it to a document but had to rename it since it already existed.

OK, my version is deleted. Jive can be quirky sometimes Smiley Happy