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Microsoft Acquires Flipgrid

I personally do not use this, but I know many of you out there DO, so this news--just announced within the past hour--may be of interest to you:  

Microsoft extends education push with acquisition of Flipgrid, a student video discussion platform -... 

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Yes, I saw much rejoicing at Twitter: free to teachers now apparently! I have a paid account right now, so I am curious to see what kind of communication we get about that. 

What a big success for  @shaomeng ‌ and all the folks at Flipgrid who have worked so hard building this platform! 🙂

Thank you Laura! We can not do this without the support of inspiring members of #flipgridFever community like you.

It's been a surreal journey since I joined the amazing Learning Technologies program 8 years ago at the UMN and then Flipgrid later. I'm hoping Flipgrid will continuously be used by the Canvas community because I am also a big fan and have closely watched its growth since the open source of Canvas in 2012.

For those who don't know, we have one of the smoothest integrations with Canvas since last year: Edu App Center 

The integration came out as a direct result of my experience of using Canvas for two fully online undergrad courses at the UMN. I was able to hear my students' voice and see their faces and emotions with Flipgrid, which was a big difference from purely text-based discussions, but managing students' responses manually without Speedgrader was not ideal. The LTI integration solved this problem.

I'm hoping to see more Canvas instructors experimenting with Flipgrid now that it's totally free. Also looking forward to hearing from the community so we can make your experience even easier.

Congratulations to all of you there, Shaomeng!

I'm pinging  @biray ‌ here since she is coordinating the Flipgrid #InstCon project. It looks like this summer is going to be a great time to be spreading the word about Flipgrid among Canvas users.

Thanks, Laura! Flipgrid will be free for all educators and we will be processing prorated refunds for everyone who has purchased in the last 11 months. Details on this will be going out later today!

So excited for the future and to continue learning from this amazing community!

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FlipGrid #instcon is here: 

Password is instcon18

Looking forward to seeing your posts! Smiley Happy