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New Quizzes LTI - A few early thoughts..

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Managed to get access to the new Quizzes LTI tools and had a play. Brief thoughts so far:

Like the following a lot:

Ordering - much needed, like that you can do ordering with range of media and have full editor for Maths/Science formula

Classification - great addition, many other quiz engines have this, super for lots of things

Adding images - so very easy and simple, miles better and such less pain

Quiz Management - very easy of ordering questions, add to bank simplicity, fast to load

Looks - Smooth


Things I would like to see develop:

Matching – needs the full editor for anything useful eg maths symbols, formulas, pictures

Hot Spot – one hot spot only? Needs multiple hot spots to be effective 

Classification - would like to see the full editor here to allow grouping of images

Fill in blanks – only 1 item per question, need to have the options for many of these

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Hey,  @GideonWilliams ‌

I agree with everything in your initial post.  My favorite part about the new quiz feature is the addition of having the stimulus and questions on the same page Smiley Happy   I  would also like to see the following:  

Multiple choice- needs to have the ability to have several correct answers.  Currently, you can give partial point to incorrect answers but cannot select more than one correct answer.

Hot Spot- the ability to create a custom hot spot would be great (unique shape or size)