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PBL Schools, Woot!

Where are my Project Based Learning (PBL) Canvas schools at? Looking to mindshare, network, cross chat on all things related to using Canvas in a PBL environment, especially if you are a rebellious Public Charter! 

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Community Coach
Community Coach

Hi Welcome to the Canvas community.

This is a discussion I will follow with interest. 

PBL has so much merit. I'm keen to see how others make the most of Canvas potential for this. 

Community Member

Hi there,

PBL-driven public charter school here, hello!


One thing that helped my teachers is Google Science Journal there are other tools out there but it is really easy to hook into canvas especially with the assignments beta LTI. Also is another great resource for interactive demos that can be dropped into any lesson.

Hey Tim!

Thanks for answering my PC PBL School beacon! My contact email is: