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Pearson Realize Integration

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Has anyone been able to integrate Pearson Realize (K-12 curriculum) with Canvas?  I know that the MyLab part of Pearson do, but we just adopted the K-12 piece and would love for it to merge into Canvas.

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I am currently having this issue as well. They just sent me the cartridge file and the consumer key and secret, but no way to access Pearson Realize? The cartridge imports beautifully, but with just one issue - I have to configure Pearson Realize, which is not an LTI I can find...I have written back to Pearson and will post here if I get any useful answers!


Could you use the Redirect tool and add Pearson Realize to the course navigation bar?

Yes, I was able to do just that...however it just takes them to the SavvasRealize login....not to the direct assignment.


Any update to this thread? Does Pearson / Savvas still not have LTI implemented?

I just saw a tweet this week that there is an integration (or will be soon) but I can't find any other info on it.. digging through it all! This would be a game changer!