Powering Up Your Canvas Course: Canvas Beginner Essentials

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After Year Five of our Canvas implementation, teachers are still reluctant to really dive in and use it to its fullest. These Beginner Essentials take a brand new user

or one who has had it on the back shelf for years
                  ...and years...
                             and some more years.... 

from how to add a professional profile picture to using the scheduler. 

I've tried to think through a "best practices" flow for teachers to follow. These are just my ideas and how I think teachers can take steps to use Canvas. Feel free to post your ideas and how I might make adjustments!   

Power Up Your Canvas Course, Beginner Essentials: Phase 1 - by Stephenie Jordan [Infographic] 

Power Up Your Canvas Course, Beginner Essentials: Phase 2 - by Stephenie Jordan [Infographic] 

Power Up Your Canvas Course, Beginner Essentials: Phase 3 - by Stephenie Jordan [Infographic] 

Power Up Your Canvas Course, Beginner Essentials: Phase 4 - by Stephenie Jordan [Infographic] 

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Community Advocate

Thank you for sharing!

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Hi j1201982

Thank you for sharing this looks very good!


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Community Coach

j1201982 these are fabulous. Thanks so much for the share. 

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Hi Stephenie,

Your infographics look great - thank you for sharing!


Lauren Coakley

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Yay! j1201982‌ this is sooo great! Thanks again for all your work, these are super helpful! 

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Great stuff! Thanks for sharing!

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Community Coach


I really like how you've created short summaries and made it super simple for people to know where to go to read more via links to Guides.  Well done!

If I could make a few suggestions:

  • #5 points to the student Guide instead of the instructor Guide: https://community.canvaslms.com/docs/DOC-12896-4152719654
  • #5 - It might be helpful to indicate "All Courses" can be accessed this way: Courses >> All Courses
  • #7 - The color overlay can be removed.  It's covered in the "Manage Image" section near the bottom of the Guide you have linked.  Maybe there wasn't enough room in your text box to cover that, too?

Thanks! I'll tweak them based on your suggestions! I appreciate you looking them over. 

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