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Professional Development Ideas

So I have recently accepted a brand new position at my public HS as a Teach on special assignment as we roll out Canvas and a 1:1. I have (2) 3 hr sessions I am in charge of leading to help my colleagues get familiar with Canvas after having completely misused a different LMS for the past 3 years...any one have suggestions on most efficient way to spend a full 6 hr training day?

My first thought was to create every kind of basic activity. I made 4 different assignments each with a different submission type. 2 Discussions...1 graded with Peer reviews and one as a group discussion. Then I made a quiz using each of the question types in the normal version and the beta version. And have them exprience Canvas as a student then teach them how I set each one up for first half...Then sandbox it for the afternoon so that they leave their creating course shells with at least an outline of modules to build over the summer.

Anyone have any success stories or tips? 

Thanks in advance!

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Community Coach
Community Coach

 @jayoder hat's a massive amount of work! I've bookmarked them to borrow (steal) ideas from. Thanks. 

 @jayoder ‌ I am curious where you house your Faculty Canvas Resource Guide?

Community Advocate
Community Advocate

Hi  @sembry ,

I actually just have it as a Canvas course in our canvas instance and each teacher is enrolled as a student with their department members as sections so I can easily assign items to specific departments and let them see it just like a kid would. Does that answer your question?

I considered sharing it to Commons, but I am still polishing it up and playing with the design constantly to find the best way to use it! And like most of us teachers I am a perfectionist Smiley Happy

Surveyor II

Yes, thank you! I like the idea of putting the teachers in groups by department in a Canvas practice course. I would love to know some of the assignments you have given them to try and the other information you have put in the course.

Community Advocate
Community Advocate

I put tutorials with screencasts and screenshot directions. Sometimes I simplify the ones Canvas has to fit our specific needs sometimes I just link right to the Canvas Docs. 

My modules are set to teach different pieces like Getting to know how Google and Canvas interact or Faculty Meeting Agendas or How to... learn more about Chromebooks, Copy a Canvas Course, Hide Grades etc. (All based on questions/emails I was getting from our faculty)

Assignments are really any kind of submission style you can imagine. Integrations with LTIs like Google Cloud Assignment, Nearpod and Flipgrid. If a teacher wants to try something I start by doing a mock up in here and assigning it to them.

I use the redirect took to send them to my Canvas blog, podcasts and I put up a TED/Edutopia video of the week.

I also model what a Syllabus page should look like and I also show/m how you can embed powerpoints and videos. 

Here is a link to a screencast tour of the course. I am still trying to find better and more effecient ways to spruce it up its be a whirlwind of 9 months with Canvas! I hope to curate it more over the summer and simplify it!

Community Advocate
Community Advocate

It has been awhile, but things have continued to go so well at school. Unfortunately our Tech Dept has decided to pull the full time support I was able to give to my colleagues this year as a TOSA. But I still have 20 days left and I will use everyone of them to try and leave a legacy with my Canvas Resource Guide, before returning to the classroom full time Smiley Sad.

Our usage stats have continued to soar! I have really dived deeper into Blueprints. We have been using them to push out and hand in permission slips as well as Class Election materials! More and more Teachers are grading in Canvas and I have at least 2 of our English teachers who haven't printed a paper all year due to the annotation tools in Speedgrader!

What a great year one with Canvas and all of this without a principal for most of the year. It is a true testament to the fact that teachers want tech, but they need support, time and patience! And I have found a new calling in my educational career, supporting and training teachers is now my true passion! Plus, its fun having them treat me like I'm David Blaine doing street magic all day! Smiley Happy 



Loved your presentation.  Could you please share what you used with the 1.5 hour Canvas is Elementary?


Hi! I am so sorry, normally I see these notifications sooner!  Here is the guiding session I used for Canvas is Elementary

I also have a couple of courses in Commons that include session presentations, marketing materials, and videos. 

Canvas Training Meeting Everyone's Needs

Conquering Canvas

Lamplighter II

I just joined Canvas and I am now in the position as several of you mentioned earlier (well, much earlier on) in the discussion...I'm a newbie to a school that has been using over the past several years.  Below is a graph showing the school's usage during the previous school year - not much to talk about.  So I am looking for the following resources if anyone has to share (I did not read every single post in this discussion as it was very long):

  • Resources/Course to use for NEW teachers for Back to School/Teacher's Inservice
  • Canvas Refresh for those teachers who are returning but might need a refresh, or if there are any new features to share
  • I found  @mjoaquin 's slide deck: Getting Started With Canvas SLS 2018 and I plan to look at that.  
  • I found the DL:Conquering Canvas on the Canvas Commons and I want to go through that myself first before sharing with teachers.
  • I'd like to know where I can find the 3 hour course "Getting to Know Canvas" that  @mjoaquin ‌ used.
  • I am looking for  @mjoaquin ‌'s 1.5 hour Canvas Next Steps course.  
  • I saw  @mjoaquin ‌'s 1.5 hour Canvas is Elementary.  Is there one for High School?

Now....on a separate topic, taking into account the usage below, what would be the best way to integrate Canvas properly?  I am going to speak to my principal about what his expectations are for me to try and implement it.  Also, being that this is my first year at the school, it's better that I have a strong positive relationship with the teachers first before encouraging or even pressuring the teachers to use Canvas. I don't want to come on too strong....


Hi rpsimon‌ 

  • The DL: Conquering Canvas course is the new version of the Getting to Know Canvas course. To make it a 3 hour course, I would have participants only work through the level 1 badges. The more advanced badges, when completed, would make it a 6 hour course. Let me know if that makes sense! 
  • This course, Canvas Training Meeting Everyone's Needs contains Getting Started, Next Steps, and Additional Resources. I have shared the HTML and Embedding Course in Commons here. 
  • There is not a separate course for high school teachers, I use the Getting Started presentation with any teachers moving to Canvas. The Elementary presentation is just to help guide my K-5 teachers. I hope this helps.

As to your question about integrating Canvas, I think you have the right idea about working with your campus principal to see if there are certain requirements or must-dos. I offer monthly learning opportunities (I support 10 campuses) and advertise them to teachers using menus and flyers. I also have worked on getting in with a team of teachers, 7th grade History for example, and will book recurring dates with the full team to work on their Canvas courses together. This way they can ask questions right then if they get stuck. I also send out Canvas updates/tricks/etc in our Digital Learning bimonthly newsletter and have a targeted Canvas users Mailing List. I hope these ideas help as well! Good luck!