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Real math assignments for k-12 really real in canvas...really.

If you are reading this and were not in our our last round of pilot, let me tell you a bit about what it is we're working with. We're looking for our next round of piloters for our new canvas based math product. Our goal is to deliver real math assessment to Canvas. The tool is 100% embedded in canvas via LTI. No code cards, no second accounts in outside systems, no pairing and no synching. If you are looking for a good match with OER, are tired of high priced homework management systems or simply need some way to do do math assignments in canvas, we think you might like what we’ve made. Here is a short video that describes the tool and what it does.
As of last week, since January, we’ve had 127 courses created by our first round of piloters, serving 1223 students. We’ve had tens of thousands of algorithmic assignments submitted and automatically graded. We’ve had usage from From small, rural k-12s to giant, urban high schools, from sports academies to higher ed institutions. We’ve been humbled and thrilled to get to know so many great teachers and we hope to keep that rolling by inviting you or anybody you know who might be interested to give our tool a try.
If you are interested in giving the tool an audition, you can DM here in the community or contact me directly @
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Learner II

I see that you've got problems organized by class and topic. Have you also gone through and done Common Core alignment so problems can be searched for and selected by which standards are addressed? (Relatedly, do you then pass that information to the Canvas Outcomes Assessment area?)

Hi, Linea. Thanks for asking. At this time we don't do common core tagging of our content, but we do have it on our roadmap.