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Role of Guidance Counselors

What is the best role for middle and high school guidance counselors in Canvas? Our counselors are wanting to be able to progress monitor any given student. The class observer role is too limited. Pairing codes seem too tedious. TA role would make it difficult to easily look up a student. Our tech department is not ready to give them admin rights. Thoughts?

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Hello 11519,

Our mentors and counselors would also like quick access to student grades and comments in Canvas.  Not all of your instructors are using the tool and it has not been integrated with our main LMS.  Have you found a good way to give counselors access to student info without having to make them admins?  




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Our company has been a partner of Instructure for over 7 years and we have many Canvas K-12 districts as clients.  Our product is Grade Guardian (aka Dropout Detective for higher ed) and we offer counselors & sports coaches personalized dashboards of just their assigned students and a view of all of a student's classes & grades:




@Chris_Munzo I'm a school counselor in Flagstaff, and this is exactly the type of overview I need.  How do I get access to a dashboard that shows me an overview of how students in my caseload are doing?  Thank you for sharing that screenshot!

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@JanineFALA Feel free to go to and look at Dropout Detective.  We work with Deer Valley on the K-12 side and Mesa CC and Chandler-Gilbert CC in higher ed.  Or you can message me directly from this community.  Thank you!

@Chris_Munzo Chris, I'm interested in your program. I'm a school counselor.

Email me at