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SIS Sync duplication

I have a Learning Support Teacher who has been syncing all year and now in the 3rd quarter she is getting multiple assignments being created in Skyward from her 1 assignment in Canvas. Now she has a lot of cross sections in 1 Canvas course, but that has been the case all year. What might cause Skyward to create multiple assignments with the same date/points? I submitted a help desk, but was also hoping to see if anyone here has experienced this issue with Skyward.



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Hi Jon.  We have experienced this, too, especially when our registrar makes a change to the course information on the Skyward side.  Each time a teacher has reported this issue, I have checked the SECTIONS in Canvas and noticed duplicate sections with the revised name/number.  (Should be 3 sections, but there are 6, for example).  Indentify which are the current sections and removing the duplicates (all users must be deleted first, ugh!) has resolved this issue. I hope this works for you, too.  Smiley Happy  Traci

Community Advocate
Community Advocate

Thanks! I did notice that she had a lot of sections with only her as the user, so they must have revised and moved around schedules. This is a huge problem for our Learning Support, because Guidance ends up constantly shifting and creating new sections in Skyward, which then need to be cross-listed in Canvas and then old ones need to be deleted to ensure this duplication does not continue to occur!

Thanks for the tip, I passed it along to our admin team to be aware of whenever edits are made in the SIS.

I hope it helps.  There is another thing our Canvas admin does right at the beginning of a term that helps clean this up as well as removing pre-term dropped students from courses. Canvas support walked our admin through this the first time.  DISCLAIMER:  I am aware of this action, but I don't actually do it.  Check with your Admin and maybe even your CSM to be sure it's what you want to do.  

  • In the ADMIN menu, choose SIS Import
  • In the top section perform a FULL BATCH UPDATE. 

This deletes everything for the term, then reloads it, cleaning up lots of clerical stuff.  We have done this even a couple of weeks into a term and no student work or course content was lost.