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Learner II

Sharing individual, persistent information (such as logins to other sites)

I'm curious how other people are handling this situation.

We have some websites we assign students to use that have individual logins for those students and are not part of our SSO ecosystem. Currently, I solve this by creating an Assignment in Canvas and then sharing the login details for each student as a Submission Comment as shown:

Example of login information presented as submission comment

This is nice because it means the login information "lives" on their Grades page rather than buried in an Inbox Message, and it's something I can delete and re-post in the same place if I need to for some reason.

However, Canvas doesn't allow links in their submission comments, so I can't actually link students to the site in question using this method. It's also something I have to do student-by-student rather than upload a spreadsheet somewhere.

Does anyone else have a different way of handling this? Canvas doesn't seem to have many methods for customizing information on a per-student basis that I've found so far.

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