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Showcase Student Work

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I have been thinking about ways to showcase student work in a Gallery Walk type of experience in Canvas.  I have had several teachers ask about solutions for this.

Sway via Office365 - you can upload images or videos and add text if required.  The sway can be embedded in a course and students could move through it at their own pace.

Photos in Windows - you can create short videos using photos.  This can be uploaded to your course as media. It seems to be a much simpler version of photostory and is quite quick and easy to use if you have the images ready to go. Text can be added.  The pictures will play through so give each image enough time to be seen.

Photostory3  - this can be downloaded and is the great app it always was.  Use photos you have on your computer to create  videos. Zoom in on important aspects of an image and add text and transitions.  This is a bit more complex to master but is worth the effort.

Add to your Canvas by uploading through the media link.

Happy sharing.

Community Coach
Community Coach

This is a great list!

I've also had great experiences with Google Slides, Google Photos, and Padlet! (Bonus points to Google Photos and Padlet because students can provide feedback/comments image-by-image!) If the experience is more teacher driven Prezi and Animoto are fun too. Smiley Happy

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Great ideas too - we are a Microsoft365 environment - so I cannot suggest Google to my teachers!!  Padlet has reduced its free padlets to 3 - so while it is a great app I am backing off telling teachers unless they can get the school to pay.

I am still looking for good examples where students can interact without having to sign in themselves.

Smiley Wink