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Surveyor II

Student Support and Viewing Grades

I'm looking for a way to allow members of our student support team to be able to view the grades of students we are monitoring. 

As of now, the only way I have figured out how to do that is to create a new admin role (Call it RTI) with the following account permissions:

1) Act as User

2) Manage SIS level data

3) View List of Courses

Then we look up the user, act as the user, and "View Grades." 

It's deeply clunky and not exactly the most secure way to do it. 

Has anyone found a better way to do this?


Chris Lehmann


Science Leadership Academy


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Community Member

Chris, we added a button to the user look up page that lets an admin see all grades for a given student.  What you described was initially a common complaint of our school administrators that they couldn't easily get to kids grades.   We're happy to share our code on how to do this.  Go to our GitHub site.  The code is lines 293 to 351.   Skip 308-314.  It should look like this when done

266095_View Grades.png


Brilliant... now I just have to figure out if I want to start futzing

around with code. If I break it, my teachers will kill me. Smiley Happy

-- Chris


Chris Lehmann

Founding Principal

Science Leadership Academy

CEO of SLA Schools

On Thu, Jan 25, 2018 at 4:03 PM, <


Hi Thank You for sharing this amazing resource! I look forward to playing around with this myself. Smiley Happy

Community Member Nice Workand thank you so much for sharing. I also want to make sure those working with roles and permissions know about‌. This work came directly from feedback from users like yourselves at #project khaki‌ and we are looking forward to making your lives even easier!

Surveyor II‌  If you don't want to mess with code, we have a third-party LTI system -- Dropout Detective -- that provides this capability to administrators.  We can also allow you to open up the capability to teachers, so that a teacher can see all of the grades of the student's other courses.  (Your option...)  We do charge fees and require a contract with you but we have dozens of Canvas K-12 clients and many good references.  If you would like to know more, you can visit our partner page at AspirEDU - Member | Instructure Partner Directory or you can reach out to me directly.  Thank you!

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