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Student Survey - Choices Dynamically Update

Is there a way in Canvas to create a student survey (ungraded quiz) so that a student's response to one question dynamically updates the possible responses for the later questions?  For example, in Question 1 the student is presented with 20 choices to pick from. After making a selection for Question 1, the student now only has 19 choices for Question 2 (their response to Question 1 having been removed as a possible choice).  After making a selection for Question 2, then the student has 18 possible choices for Question 3 and so on. There would be more possible choices than questions.

I've looked at matching quizzes with distractors and multiple pull-downs but have not yet been successful in creating exactly what I need. I also tried doing this in the old Microsoft Survey (now Microsoft Forms) with the intent to embed the survey in Canvas. It didn't dynamically update the responses.  

Any suggestions appreciated!  Thanks! 

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Community Coach
Community Coach

Hi‌ - Would an Ordering question in the Quizzes LTI be kind of what you're looking for? Students could "rank" their choices. I know Quizzes.Next is an opt-in feature at the moment, but I'm trying to get a better of understanding what you need from your survey. Smiley Happy

Maybe!  I'll try it out and report back. Thanks for the suggestion!

Hi‌.  Thanks for the suggestion. I tried the ordering option in Quizzes.Next. It's close but not exactly what we are looking for.  We are trying to come up with a way for students to list their top 8 choices for roommates on their class trip but we need to prevent them from picking themselves or another student more than once. The ordering survey handled the ranking well but I couldn't exclude the student completing the survey.  It also reported back "wrong" answers when, in this case, there isn't a wrong answer. I realize this is an unlikely assessment scenario so Canvas may not have anything. I just thought I'd ask. Our high schoolers use Canvas all the time so it would easy to get them to complete the survey if something was available.