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Tech Coaches: Do You Write Newsletters Each Week?

Dear Tech Coaches,

I was thinking this week about all of the time that we spend trying to stay in front of our teachers when we aren't able to physically stay in front of our teachers.

I'm in a new position as a Teacher/Tech Coach and while I'm trying to figure out my new schedule and 200+ new faces and names, I'm also getting asked by teachers and departments for help.

This got me thinking about what the function of our weekly newsletter is.

Do you have a newsletter that you send out?

How often do you send it out?

What is in it?

Would you mind sharing a sample or a link to one?

I thought about this a ton this week and put together a brief blog post about Tech Coach Newsletters that was more therapy than promotional.  Please feel free to check it out and let me know what you think.

How is Canvas helping or supporting your weekly newsletters and your ability to stay in front of your teachers from a distance?

Looking forward to a great conversation here.

Talk soon,



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