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Testing out Google LTI in Canvas - Collaborations

Adventurer II
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We are an Office365 school but it would appear that pretty much every student has their own personal gmail account. The Head of MFL Faculty approached me about using Google collaborations with her A Level/IB French groups.

I spent this morning exploring and then writing a help guide for it. Have to say the collaborations tool is pretty impressive as is the entire integration package. Google just works! No fuss, no hassle (Office365 - learn this lesson!)

Whilst I would much prefer, both in terms of workflow and how teachers work, to be able to share an existing document as a collaboration, it is not a massive inconvenience to then go in an edit a blank document to make it meet your needs. Of course you need to make sure there are not any sharp eyed and keen students around who want to get on with the task (why can we not hide provide a Hide/Show feature to let teachers plan?)

The next step is to pass the guide to the teacher and let them get on...

Will update the post as I do. In the meantime, my PDF Help guide is free to share/download (excusing the UK flavour)

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Hi Gideon, thanks for sharing your Google collaborations resource. A question for you, on page 8 you instruct the teacher to delete the collaboration. Why is that?