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Adventurer III

The Principles of the Principal

I have two principals interested in modeling the use of Canvas for their teachers. We chatted about it being a home for weekly announcements and calendar items. What are other ways administration is using Canvas in your K-12 schools?


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I made a list below of the things some of our administrators are doing. They aren't all doing the entire list. For each school I created a "faculty" course that has only faculty and a "school-wide" course that has all the students and faculty divided into sections by grade level.

  1. Faculty course: collect lesson plans from teachers using assignments
  2. Faculty course: Post notes from faculty meetings and PLCs
  3. Faculty course: Conduct surveys of teachers.
  4. Faculty course: Share Files and make announcements
  5. Faculty course: mandatory suicide prevention training through an imported module.
  6. School-wide course: school-wide announcements that trigger notifications in the Canvas app. Kind of a replacement for using Remind.
  7. School-wide course: Sending school-wide and grade-level-specific announcements. 
  8. School-wide course: School calendar accessible through the Canvas app.
  9. School-wide course: Collect assignments from students that aren't related to a specific class. Example: all students have to submit proposals for Community Service at one of our schools. These are reviewed by a counselor or magnet coordinator.
  10. School-wide course: Send out links to the various surveys students have to take throughout the school year. We used to write the links on the whiteboard in the computer lab like cave-people.

Love the cave-people reference, Matt!  Thanks for taking the time to post some great ideas!