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Community Coach
Community Coach

Touch typing at primary school

Many schools are considering the when, how, and why of touch typing.

For schools who have begun to introduce touch typing which programs have you used? What ages have you started to bring it in?

For those schools who have elected not to teach touch typing why have you made this decision?

K-12‌ peeps can you assist?

 @clong or  @klundstrum 

laurakgibbsany tips?


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Community Coach
Community Coach

Hi  @Bobby2  -

I teach grades 9-12, so my experience is fairly limited with elementary school typing skills. I wish that my students were more proficient with their typing, so I'm excited for your school! I think it's a wonderful ability (and habit) for students to acquire.

With a few minutes of searching, I found these resources:

5 Best Touch Typing Software to Teach Yourself to Type Faster | TechWiser 

15 Free Resources to Develop Typing Skills ( Games, Lessons, Tutorials ) | Educational Technology an... 

I think that if there was a way to make the process fun students will be a little more open-minded to learning something that may challenge their already existing habits.

I know that you posted this question a while ago. Have you or your colleagues made progress towards a plan? If so, what are you considering?

Thanks  @klundstrum I will have a peek at these and share. I'm in a blended learning leader position at the moment - supporting teachers in schools as we implement Canvas across the state. This question has been asked a few times as I've been visiting schools.