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Using Canvas as Web Site

We are finishing Year 1 with Canvas and I want to make it more of a 'One Stop Shopping Trip' for our teachers.  I decided to create a course and enroll all of our teachers in it as students.  I have posted several pieces of information in modules (organized by topic), but it is getting a little overwhelming (at least to me).  Has anyone found a better way to organize information inside of a Canvas Course when there is alot of information?  I have thought about going back to adding it to an actual website and linking it in Canvas, but the idea is to get them interacting with Canvas directly and learning how it functions a little better.  Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

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We have worked at linking to specific pages within the course. Users may never even seen the monster that is our modules! Lol


We have just started building our Faculty site inside of Canvas - for the same reason to get the faculty more engaged with Canvas rather than send them elsewhere. I built a tab page as the home page, with the first tab being an introduction to building your Canvas course, the second being an embedded school master calendar from Google and the third being a set of interesting links to help blogs for Canvas, Google and You-Tube playlists on Canvas.

Jennifer, I have 2 schools and set them up 2 different ways: linking homepage to modules and linking homepage to pages. Can you share a screenshot of what your "pages" then look like? Thank you!!

Here's a screenshot of our PD course. Each of the images with blue text is a link to a separate class that we are offering. For the course, each class is it's own Module. So, when a teacher clicks on the Apple Teacher, for example, they are taken to the first page of the Apple Teacher module. Then, on that page, there are links to the other module pieces. 

PD course homepage

Here's the first page of the Apple Teacher Module. You see the links on the page, which link to the other content in the Module.

First page of Module