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Using Canvas on a Mobile Browser

Students in our district are 1:1 with iPads and we also use Office 365. In past years, we used the Canvas Student app; however, there are a number of features available in the web version of Canvas that we wanted to begin to utilize more broadly. At the beginning of this school year, we asked our students to access Canvas through a mobile browser (Safari or Chrome) on the iPad. We are now running into a host of new issues such as downloading and saving files to OneDrive, seeing images, viewing PDFs, etc. Have any districts that are 1:1 with iPads been able to use Canvas on a mobile browser successfully? If so, are you using Safari or Chrome? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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At our institution the students are also 1:1 all PreK-K have Ipads and they must use the Chrome browser. There are an array of things that do not work in Safari. So, in JAMF we have a policy that pushes chrome to their home-screen and hides* Safari. We also included a set of bookmarks that has Canvas and other aspects one click away on their homescreen. We have not had any issues with images, pdfs, or otherwise but we utilize gsuite over 365 don't know that that matters...
*(poorly hides... Safari is going to be present no matter what just made it a bit more challenging to access)