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What media do you embed in Canvas?

Seeing the great idea for a 'lab' course to demonstrate design and media options in Canvas, I was wondering what kinds of media others embed into Canvas regularly?

In my class I use:

google docs (and sheets and presentations and forms)


padlet walls

thinglink images (choose the iframe embed option before copying the code)

dipity timelines

TedEd Lessons

What other media do people embed?


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We regularly embed Captivate and Storyline activities in our courses here at Mizzou K–12 Online (using iframes).



It's easy to create a Google Presentation and then grab the embed code to insert into Canvas. Of course YouTube videos are an great way to share video, especially adding the YouTube app add-on.

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Hi Melissa,

I embed Google Slides, Youtube Videos, Prezi's, and PowToon Presentations.

Thanks!  I totally forgot about powtoon.  I have to use it more.

+1 I love embedding Google Presos! 

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 @mpoole ​ if you haven't seen  @G_Petruzella ​ Media and HTML Examples: A Library/Lab​ course yet, your going to love it. He's gathered lots of ideas and samples here that are useful.

Yes!  That is what made me think of it.  I noticed he didn't have padlet included and started wondering what else was possible.   I am going to be coaching a group new to Canvas this summer and wanted to gather as many ideas for media as possible.

Gotcha, just wasn't sure. Smiley Happy

Surprised nobody has mentioned


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Community Coach

I frequently embed Google docs and slides as well as videos (YouTube or TED)...but here's a new one to add to your list: EdPuzzle.