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When Magic Happens. Students experience as editors in Canvas.

Community Coach
Community Coach
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This week I was lucky enough to be invited to support a grade 5/6 class as they discovered how to incorporate Canvas in their learning environment.

Each student had been assigned to edit a page in their class course to act as individual blogs. The students had already been carefully guided through a series of lessons on copyright and editing text in a Canvas page. The lesson I was present for entailed them inserting images on their assigned pages within their class Canvas course. As Canvas is very new to all of us in our state it was with some surprise that the student editing experience was quite a different experience to a teacher. 

The familiar 'ICT moment' feeling occurred as the students quickly discovered that the demonstrated sequence would not work for them. Then the magic happened, as does so many times when a confident teacher goes with the flow. The students discovered several ways of getting their images onto the page. Quickly new 'experts' were being born and assigned to teach their buddies.

Then before we knew it, and just before the lunch bell went, nearly everyone had their page updated with an image and there were lots of satisfied editors. They enjoyed being patted on the back for their resilience, problem solving skills, creativity and kindness to each other. 

I congratulate the teacher on persevering when things seemed to have turned to custard. The temptation to pack up and forget the whole idea can be so close during those moments, but to push through and trust the kids to figure things out and teach the teachers is well worth it. I'm looking forward to seeing their 'blogs' evolve and hearing about the learning that took place during the whole process. 

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After a few week the students had ALL produced the most entertaining work. So much variety. And best of all each student was seen as a unique, creative, interesting and successful individual. I had taught a lot of these students previously and was impressed with how each student took the opportunity to showcase themselves so creatively. Hats off to you  @philly_illingwo !


Learner II

Always nice to notice the 'a-ha' moments. Lovely news!

PS glad you used the word "custard". Ha!!!!!


This is so great!!! And to get ideas about working with blogs and learners of all ages, including young ones, the EduBlogs project is full of resources. I'm not sure how I got on an email list with them, but they are always sending me useful tips and ideas and announcing projects to support teachers and learners who are using blogs, not just blogs on the EduBlogs platform. Here is their main website: 

I totally agree about the magic! 🙂