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Which badge app have you had the most success with?

I would like to start using a badge system with my students within Canvas.  I noticed that there are a couple different apps that have badges and am wondering which is best?  Thoughts?

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We use CanvaBadge and while it is not used everywhere in our district, we have found it easy to use.  

Thank you for your reply Teri.  Does Canvabadge allow you to create badges for accomplishments other than completing modules?  For example, would I be able to assign a badge for an assessment score, improvement on an assignment, effort, early submission...

You can use the final grade or modules.  It does have an external url for evidence so you might be able to manually award with that but I have not tried it.

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Community Advocate

@Teri Ross   So, if I wanted to give teachers / students badges for completion of things in Canvas as well as outside of Canvas, CanvaBadges would only work for items in Canvas?

tross So do you mainly use Canvbadge for module completion?


Least year at InstructureCon16, we had a great Pre-conference session on badging. My notes show me these were the popular ones:

  • Credly
  • Badger
  • Open Passport
  • Badge Safe

With Credly getting the most positive reviews.
CanvaBadges is a good starter badging system, but there is essentially no reporting available.

2 others mentioned in passing were Buckeye Badges as well as Basno.

I'd love to hear what you choose. Please let us know.

Good Luck!

It only works in Canvas and it isn't maintained anymore so no new features but it has been easy to use for our limited use. 

 @bfeist ‌  That is correct.  What we do is usually create a module in the sequence that is just the badge.   That way they complete the module then click on the badge item.  The next module has the badge as the prereq. 

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Community Advocate

I did not know that it was not being maintained anymore.  Thanks for that insight!