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For those of you who would like a one-stop-shop for the infographics, I've included the blog posts that house links and interactive pdf's for you to use. Enjoy! 

Triumvirate Tips:

Beginner Tips
Intermediate Tips

Advanced Tips

Essentials Series:

Beginner Essentials

Intermediate Essentials

Advanced Essentials

Start-Up and Clean-Up Series:

What You Need to Know About Blueprinting

Canvas Course Massive Checklist

Canvas Student Set-Up

End-of-Year Canvas Clean-Up

Cool Things Series:

Cool Things You Can Do With Canvas

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I couldn't think of a better title for these infographics. These are just small chunks of info for teachers to consider as they get their courses established. They sort of follow an order of operations, but I feel like the Essentials series does a better job of a good work-flow. The Essentials are a rebrand of these small tips. But, I like them and think smaller is better...sometimes. You'd have to know me to know that is a big, fat lie. Bigger and more is ALWAYS better. 

Beginner, Part 1

Beginner, Part 2

Beginner, Part 3

Beginner, Part 4

Beginner, Part 5

Beginner, Part 6

Beginner, Part 7

Beginner, Part 8

Beginner, Part 9

Beginner, Part 10

Attached are interactive PDF's you can use as well! 

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Thanks to everyone who was able to join us during the Canvas Live event.  Linked here is the recording from the session attached is the chat transcript from the session.  We wanted to move the discussion, connections and conversations to the Engagement Space where you can start your own discussions, continue to post to this thread and to the video as well. 


We hope you all enjoyed hearing what Forney ISD has done as much as we have.  

Here is a link to the fabulous presentation by Stacy Joseph, Stormy Lemond, & Sherrie Watson


For more resources around our community on Elementary Usage here are some very handy links: 

INSTCON Videos: 

A few other fun and handy resources: 

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The following is a CanvasLive session presented on May 7, 2019 by Forney ISD.  

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Deciding what constitutes as "intermediate" essentials is such a gray area. I've come up with 24 items that I think may fit. There are three documents in this series and here is the list of what you'll find:

  1. Add a File in a Content Page
  2. Create a Hyperlink to a File
  3. Use Auto-Inline Preview
  4. Enable Attachments for Discussions
  5. Use a File Upload Question
  6. Import ExamView Quizzes
  7. Use Collaborations
  8. Create a Rubric
  9. Add a Course End Date
  10. Provide Media Feedback
  11. Use Question Banks
  12. Subscribe to the Calendar
  13. Set a Default Grade
  14. Filter Gradebook by Section
  15. Pin a Discussion
  16. Set the Liking Option
  17. Moderate a Quiz
  18. Delay Discussion Posts
  19. Curve Grades
  20. Sort Assignments by Missing
  21. Add a Recurring Event
  22. Use Undelete
  23. View Page History
  24. Use CTRL+K

I've added the links to the Infographics and attached interactive PDF's below. Hope you find these useful! 

Power Up Your Canvas Course, Intermediate Essentials: Phase 1 - by Stephenie Jordan [Infographic]

Power Up Your Canvas Course, Intermediate Essentials: Phase 2 - by Stephenie Jordan [Infographic]

Power Up Your Canvas Course, Intermediate Essentials: Phase 3 - by Stephenie Jordan [Infographic]

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After Year Five of our Canvas implementation, teachers are still reluctant to really dive in and use it to its fullest. These Beginner Essentials take a brand new user

or one who has had it on the back shelf for years
                  ...and years...
                             and some more years.... 

from how to add a professional profile picture to using the scheduler. 

I've tried to think through a "best practices" flow for teachers to follow. These are just my ideas and how I think teachers can take steps to use Canvas. Feel free to post your ideas and how I might make adjustments!   

Power Up Your Canvas Course, Beginner Essentials: Phase 1 - by Stephenie Jordan [Infographic] 

Power Up Your Canvas Course, Beginner Essentials: Phase 2 - by Stephenie Jordan [Infographic] 

Power Up Your Canvas Course, Beginner Essentials: Phase 3 - by Stephenie Jordan [Infographic] 

Power Up Your Canvas Course, Beginner Essentials: Phase 4 - by Stephenie Jordan [Infographic] 

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Community Coach
Community Coach


Our Department of Education have had the foresight to acknowledge the support schools require when aiming to leverage learning through the use of digital technologies. In my new role as a Blended Learning Leader our team have the privilege of being able to provide this support to schools.

Now that the official end of our previous LMS has come to pass we will be sinking our teeth into using Canvas as a tool to enhance what we already do really well. Last term we spent a lot of time out in schools demonstrating how to use Canvas and highlighting some of the potential it has for teaching and learning.

The new school year is about to start and I am keen to see how Canvas will be used in our schools. I am genuinely excited about the support we can provide and networks we can help build while keeping in mind Creating a purpose and Don't be a slave to your LMS. Make it work for you.  

How have other coaches reached out to schools?

What sorts of support have you provided?

What cool projects have you come across?

As kelley.meeusen@cptc.edusuggested I never start with, "This is what this tech can do for you." or with "You can do this with this tech." I always start with, "What would you like to be able to do?" Then I show them how it can be done with that tech or some other tech.’

Wise words. Cart before the horse!





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