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We are working on rolling out a process for teaching students to use the ePortfolios built into Canvas. I am curious how other schools are doing this. Are you have your students create them by Course or grade level? Are you leaving it up to them or having the teachers assign this to them?

For those of you that are already dialed in, any suggestions for a school just getting started?


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Learner II

We are just starting out too and would be interested in any feedback as well.

With thanks.

Learner II

We have some Language Arts teachers that are using.   They have the students work on the ePortfolio over time in multiple assignments. They submit the link to the ePortfolio on the assignment which is setup to accept a Website/URL.  The teacher reviews them in Speedgrader. 

Teachers have them post most of their assignments on the portfolio so they can take it with them.  Some students continue to update after they leave the course but most do not.   Since they can zip the eportfolio and download, it is an easy way to gather work from lots of courses in one place.

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We have four of our six competencies built into our internship assignments. The students' final project is to submit their portfolios that describe and reflect on these four competencies demonstrated in their internship.

Our internships can be 2-semesters or 1-year.

We will add the other two competencies next year because a single department of the institution will have ownership of all the competencies and portfolios. Students will simply add the items to their already existing portfolios. They will demonstrate competency in these six areas to graduate.

Students will start their portfolios from matriculation. They will submit a portfolio for various classes.

What we like about Canvas is proximity of data and the flexibility to create numerous portfolios.

I hope this helps!

Thanks for reading. 🙂