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Completion status doesn’t update in catalog analytics

Completion status doesn’t update in catalog analytics

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This case may be updated to a completed state before the change is deployed to the production environment. 




When a student completes a catalog course the status in catalog admin analytics doesn’t show a completion status. Where as in the student dashboard in catalog it shows as completed and can view the certificate.

Certificate email isn’t sent to the student upon completion.


Expected Behavior


Both completion statuses should match.


Steps to Reproduce


(Published course)

  • Create course in catalog.
  • Navigate to course in Canvas and create a module and quiz/assignment.
  • Move quiz/assignment to module and set requirements.
  • Enroll student through catalog in course.
  • Masquerade as student and take module requirement.
  • Check student dashboard in Catalog to see completion status.
  • Check admin analytics in Catalog to see not completed status.


Additional Info



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