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DocViewer 'Error Fetching Session' for images taken with iOS devices

DocViewer 'Error Fetching Session' for images taken with iOS devices

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This situation can only be resolved by uploading images from the Photos library or Camera app, not through the Files app, which cannot convert .heic files. For details about .heic files, please see What is HEIC and why are iPhone photos in HEIC format?




Docviewer displays 'Error Fetching Session' when it tries to preview certain images. Splunk searches include results from Chrome on a Mac desktop, so this should not be redirected to the Mobile team.

the image extensions are .jpg or .png, and open just fine if downloaded on a Mac.

Expected Behavior

Not throw an error trying to preview these images. I don't know if we can convert these on the fly to jpg or something so they're visible in docviewer, but I suspect we definitely want to check files to find out what they really are. Maybe we don't preview and only allow for downloading, but they probably won't open at all on Windows, so preview would be the most user-friendly.

Steps to Reproduce


Prerequisite: You'll need a Mac and an iOS device that can airdrop to one another. On an iOS device running a current version of the os, check the following things: Settings > Camera > Formats > check "High Efficiency", then in Settings > Photos > "Transfer to Mac or PC" (at bottom) check "Automatic"

  1. On iOS, take a photo

  2. Tap on the thumbnail at the bottom to go to the Camera Roll

  3. Select the photo you just took, and tap the share icon

  4. Airdrop the photo to your Mac

  5. Note that the file will have an extension of .HEIC

  6. Rename the file to another image file extension like .jpg

    (if you check the info for the file, Finder shows that it thinks it's that file type)

  7. Upload the file to Canvas or submit it to an assignment

  8. Attempt to preview the file, and you'll get 'Error Fetching Session'


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