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Muting/un-muting assignments reflects redundant grade changes in API and Admin Tools

Muting/un-muting assignments reflects redundant grade changes in API and Admin Tools

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When a muted assignment is graded then later un-muted without making any additional grade changes, the grade change API/grade change activity admin tools shows two instances of the same user giving a grade. One with a timestamp for the time the assignment originally was graded and a timestamp for the time the assignment was un-muted.


Expected Behavior


The grade change api and grade change activity in admin tools should only show one instance of the grade being given originally, and then the actual event of the un-muting with a time and date, but not a redundant copy of the grade change from before with a new timestamp.


Steps to Reproduce


  1. Have an active course with 3+ students in it.

  2. Create an assignment and mute the assignment

  3. Add grades for your students for this assignment.

  4. Wait several minutes or days after grading then un-mute the assignment.

  5. Check Admin Tools for grade changes to the assignment. Notice that even though you only graded your students once, there are new grade changes for previously graded students with different timestamps.

  6. Without making any grade changes, mute the assignment.

  7. Check Admin Tools again for grade changes. Notice that muting the assignment causes the grades to appear being changed a third time.


Additional Info


These grade changes are also reflected in the New Gradebook History, which appear as duplicated entries as the audit endpoint is used to feed the Gradebook History.


If the muting/unmuting is done by another grader, this can appear as though the original grader made changes on a day that they had no activity in the course. This is because the new changes in Admin Tools and the API is identical to the last grade change that was made.