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[OPEN] Android - Student/Teacher | Links in RCE do not launch Zoom app in Android 11

[OPEN] Android - Student/Teacher | Links in RCE do not launch Zoom app in Android 11

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When clicking a Zoom meeting link in the RCE on Android 11, the Zoom conference launch page momentarily displays before failing to launch the Zoom app and, instead, returning the error net::ERR_UNKNOWN_URL_SCHEME.

Happens in Android 11, Student 6.15.1 and Teacher 1.15.0

Expected Behavior


Clicking a Zoom meeting link should result in the Zoom app launching so that users can join the meeting.


No workaround exists at this time.

Steps to Reproduce


Prerquisite: Course with a teacher and student

  • In your Zoom account, create a meeting and copy the launch URL.

  • In the your course, create a page and paste the Zoom launch link as an external link.

  • On the student or teacher app and login as the user.

  • Navigate to the page and click the Zoom launch link.

  • Observe the Zoom app fails to launch.

Additional Info


Known issues indicate notable behaviors that has been escalated to the Canvas engineering team. Known issues are not a guarantee for an immediate resolution. This document is for informational purposes only and does not replace the Support process. If you are encountering the behavior outlined in this document, please ensure you have submitted a Support case (per your institution's escalation process) so Canvas Support can adequately gauge the overall customer impact and prioritize appropriately.

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