[OPEN] a11y Long group names not read by screenreader with discussion redesign


Engineers are currently investigating the issue.


When creating groups for a discussion while using the discussion redesign feature screenreader won’t read the name of the group entirely it will only read the name that is shown which is a shorter version. This is only happening in beta currently due to a fix that has been deployed in beta.

Expected Behavior

Screenreaders should be able to read the full name of the groups.


No workaround exists at this time.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Create a course in beta and turn on the discussion redesign feature option

  2. Create a group set and add groups with long names (as I tested it takes around 14-18 letters for this to happen depending on length of the letter capital A took me 14 letters while regular a took me 18 letters)

  3. Create a group discussion and add the group set that was created previously

  4. Open the discussion and click on the groups icon on the top left

  5. Notice that the group names are truncated and if you start to read them with screenreader it will only read the truncated text

Additional Info


Known issues indicate notable behaviors that have been escalated to the Canvas engineering team. Known issues are not a guarantee for an immediate resolution. This document is for informational purposes only and does not replace the Support process. If you are encountering the behavior outlined in this document, please ensure you have submitted a Support case (per your institution's escalation process) so Canvas Support can adequately gauge the overall customer impact and prioritize appropriately.

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