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[OPEN] iOS - Student | Canvas for Elementary theme is applied to courses which don't have it enabled.

[OPEN] iOS - Student | Canvas for Elementary theme is applied to courses which don't have it enabled.

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When a user is enrolled in multiple courses in different accounts, if account 1 has "Canvas for Elementary" and account 2 has "Canvas for Elementary" disabled, students will see Canvas for Elementary theme applied in the course that should not have the theme applied.

A side effect to this is that if you select modules, it will show you the course's homepage.


Expected Behavior


This should not happen as it does not happen in the UI and causes the app to not show everything that is needed for courses that were not designed around the K12 them.




Use UI or select modules > You will see another window which shows as the UI, select modules again and it works.


Steps to Reproduce


  • Create two courses and put them into separate sub-accounts.

  • In account 1 have Canvas for Elementary" enabled. In account 2 have Canvas for Elementary" disabled.

  • As a student, log into the app and access the course in the account which has Canvas for Elementary" disabled. Notice that you see the theme is still applied.

  • As a side note to this issue, if you try to select modules from the top, it will just show you the course's home page.

Additional Info


Known issues indicate notable behaviors that has been escalated to the Canvas engineering team. Known issues are not a guarantee for an immediate resolution. This document is for informational purposes only and does not replace the Support process. If you are encountering the behavior outlined in this document, please ensure you have submitted a Support case (per your institution's escalation process) so Canvas Support can adequately gauge the overall customer impact and prioritize appropriately.

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