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Old Quizzes migrate to New Quizzes with no questions

Old Quizzes migrate to New Quizzes with no questions


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This case may be updated to a completed state before the change is deployed to the production environment. Please see the Canvas Deploy Notes for details.




If an old quiz is migrated to New Quizzes, it migrates with no questions.


Expected Behavior


When old Quizzes are migrated to New Quizzes, the content should migrate successfully.


Steps to Reproduce


Prerequisite: A course with New Quizzes enabled

  1. Create a quiz with any/all question types
  2. From the Quizzes Index page, click on the kebab to the right of the quiz and select 'Migrate'
  3. Open the newly migrated quiz from the Assignments Index page
  4. Notice there are no questions and only the title migrated successfully


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