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Raw score passback using resultTotalScore can be interpreted as grading schemes values

Raw score passback using resultTotalScore can be interpreted as grading schemes values

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This case has been closed by our engineering team, as they require additional research and evaluation regarding LTI assignments applied to a grading scheme. Additional information will be provided in a future version of the deploy notes.



  • When passing back a grade as a raw score using resultTotalScore, if the assignment is configured to use a grading scheme with a corresponding name value to what you are passing back, the score is interpreted through the grading scheme rather than entered as a raw score.
  • This is particularly problematics as it affects New Quizzes grade passback. This could happen commonly for schools using GPA scales since there is a large overlap between potential raw score and grading scheme entries.
  • e.g. a raw score of 2 out of 50 could instead become worth ~75%(gpa of 2), increasing the score received by the student significantly.


Expected Behavior


The raw score passed back should not be interpreted by the grading scheme scale.


Steps to Reproduce


Prerequisites: A course with at least one student and an LTI that passes back a raw score using resultTotalScore(New Quizzes for example)

  1. Create an external tool assignment
  2. Edit the assignment details to "Display Grade as" GPA Scale or Letter Grade
  3. Set a grading scheme that uses numerical values rather than letters for the name values (i.e. 4, 3, 2, 1 rather than A, B, C, F)
  4. As the student, submit to the assignment in such a way as to receive a raw score matching the entries in the grading scheme
  5. Check the student's score, notice that your student has received a score related to the grading scheme name value rather than the raw score that was passed back


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