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Remove deprecated LinkedIn profile connection capability

Remove deprecated LinkedIn profile connection capability

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This case may be updated to a completed state before the change is deployed to the production environment. Please see the Canvas Deploy Notes for details.




When attempting to register the Linkedin web service integration an error is being produced.


Expected Behavior


Instead it should allow the service to link without error.


Steps to Reproduce


  1. Have a linkedin profile already
  2. With a user in your sandbox attempt to register the service in your account
  3. See the error produced.


Additional Info


This was updated for authentication but not the integration.


Consensus is to remove the integration.



Labels (2)

Could you confirm when this is being removed from the "Other Services" on the Settings page int eh Production environments? It is not listed on the Canvas Release Notes (2019-12-21) or the Recent Deploys page. Thanks!

Hi, Susan,

This update is part of the Canvas Deploy Notes (2019-12-04)‌ just published. Smiley Happy