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Some languages will not allow changing MasteryPath values

Some languages will not allow changing MasteryPath values

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This change was resolved as part of the 2020-12-02 deploy.


When a course setup with one of the languages listed below is using Mastery Paths and they try to change the point value on a path, it instead gives an error of 'PUT / api / v1 / courses / 2902 / mastery_paths / rules / 272: undefined / undefined'

Expected Behavior

Instead it should allow editing of the point value for any path

Steps to Reproduce


  1. In a course that uses Mastery Paths, create a path Assignment
  2. In the course settings change the language to be Portuguese (or another listed language below)
  3. Go back to the Assignment and in the edit screen go to the Mastery Paths tab and try to edit the value for a path (such as making 7pts into 8pts), when you click save, notice the API error at the top and the unsuccessful save


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