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new rce can add extra leading and trailing spaces to linked text after edit

new rce can add extra leading and trailing spaces to linked text after edit

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This behavior is resolved in the 2021-09-01 deploy.

Known issues indicate notable behaviors that has been escalated to the Canvas engineering team. Known issues are not a guarantee for an immediate resolution. This document is for informational purposes only and does not replace the Support process. If you are encountering the behavior outlined in this document, please ensure you have submitted a Support case (per your institution's escalation process) so Canvas Support can adequately gauge the overall customer impact and prioritize appropriately.


After typing into the pretty or raw html editor, hard line breaks after text get truncated and leave an extra space on the end of the line.

This can cause extra white space to be included inside linked text in anchor tags(<a>), the link underline makes it particularly apparent to users.

Expected Behavior

Instead when truncating a hard line break, we should not add a blank space in its place, but meet the text of the end of the previous line.


No workaround exists at this time.

Steps to Reproduce


  1. Create a wiki page in canvas and type a word or two into it

  2. Highlight the text and make a link out of it using the links toolbar

  3. Open the html editor and click Raw HTML Editor in the bottom left

  4. Find the closing anchor tag (</a>) and add a click right before it and hit enter to add a line break

  5. Hit save

    You may have noticed as you hit save the line break you added disappears and the content shifted up

  6. Re-edit the page and in the raw html view you'll see it added an extra space right before the closing anchor tag so your linked text has whitespace in it.


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